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Elderly Care & Support

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Elderly Care and Support Programme

This program is tailored to give support to the vulnerable sick and elderly persons in our community in order to create a ray of hope in their lives. We carry out support activities in our reach. The beneficiaries of this program are selected from the community by our field officers.

These are some of the activities and projects carried out in the areas of Livelihood Support Projects.

  1. We provide basic home use items during festive seasons forexmple during Easter Period, Idi days, Christmas seasons so that they can also enjoy the festivity in style.
  2. We provide medical support to the sick where our reach can and if not we work with the local health centers to reach to these needy sick persons for help.
  3. We also organize community health camps all tailored at supporting the vulnerable.
  4. We organize and provide spiritual support and prayers to the sick and elderly at their homes. This is done by taking to them a religious leader who prays form them and provide the needed counseling which helps them to live strong and religiously nourished.
  5. We organize the elders and grandparents annual celebrations in commemoration of the international days of the elderly while giving them a ray of hope and recreation services.
  6. We organize and provide Play Mind Games to the elderly Just as the body needs physical activity and stimulation to stay healthy, the brain needs stimulation to stay sharp and avoid cognitive decline as we age so this helps the elderly persons stay on truck and active in the society.
  7. We also organize and provide physical and fitness exercises using professional and committed trainers to the old and sick periodically all tailored to make these persons feet to move on with life.
  8. Also make home visits to the elderly persons to capture interesting and developmental stories from the which we document and pass onto the young generation which helps them to know their routes and our good culture and norms so that they are protected and also as their share their stories of the past, we also share our stories of the present which helps both generations to be at par.

All the above are done in order to have a community in which all citizens i.e the vulnerable elderly and sick people lead dignified, healthy, faithful and secure lives where our reach can.

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