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ECD & Primary Education



TATCO Uganda currently works with a number of community schools that we adopt or create e.g. Creamland Nursery and Primary School, School- Kireka, Star Nursery and Primary School- Nyanja, Sunrise Nursery and Primary school – Nabiyagi and Apple Junior School – Bukerere with a population of over 1300 pupils respectively.

We are in schools to carry out children education and development programs mainly on education issues in the following

  1. Support in the Construction of classrooms and other school structures in new and already established schools to provide a better and conducive learning and teaching environment.

  2. Provide school management skills and systems to the school administrators in order to manage, grow and sustain the school as desired.

  3. Provide refresher training to teachers in order to provide education to the learners in the most updated way using the recent teaching curriculum and methods for better results from the learners.

  4. Provide scholastic materials to a number of selected needy learners in the schools.

  5. Provide teaching aids (Teaching equipment and materials) to teachers in schools that are needed in the teaching process.

  6. Create various Learning through Play Based Modules/games, training teachers how to teach through play on the given classroom topic following the syllabus and provision of learning through play tools and equipment needed as the designed module entails.

  7. Advocate for children’s rights to Education and create programs that helps children with mental health problems through one on one talk with children at school and those out of school for various reasons during school time to go back to school with the help of our specialized children counselors and community psychologist who on time to time support the mental and physical growth of the school children while bringing all the concerned on board.

  8. Periodically organize sports and games events in our schools or sometime combining the schools to compete in the organized games and sports aimed at talent search and development among the children and also as a simple medicine to mental health problems that children always suffer from, in completion, the best performers are given gifts and certificates as a motivation.

  9. Organize parents and children motivation meetings in schools aimed at reminding/educating the parents about their duties on children education and encouraging the children to be academically active as it is the way to success in life.

  10. Provision of bursaries and scholarships to some of the bright but needier children in schools so that they can be at school at all times and study well.

  11. Carry out outside school tutoring where our organization field officers visit some of the school children at their homes aimed at creating a conversation among the children even at home to know how they live and behave while at home.

  12. Carry out teacher, children, parents and school administrators assessment and evaluation aimed at getting feedback on what they have achieved, failed to do and recommendations to betterment of the education sector in the community.

Every child goes through a remarkable series of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. The Early Childhood Development (ECD) approach is based on the fact that little children respond best when caregivers use definite methods designed to promote and stimulate advancement to the subsequent level of growth and change. Some of the words used in this program include:


  • Growth: the change in weight, height, and circumference of head
  • Child Development: the process of change in which a child comes to master more and more complex levels of physical activity, thinking, feeling, communicating and interactions with people and objects. This is sometimes expressed as physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.
  • Early childhood: the period between birth and eight years of age
  • Responsiveness: parenting that is prompt and appropriate to the child’s immediate behaviour, needs and developmental state
  • Care: attention to body, health, nutrition, emotional, social, language and intellectual development

Every child has the capacity to do something phenomenal with his or her life. Our Early Childhood Program is centered around getting children to the necessary developmental stage so that they are ready to learn and succeed in the classroom (ages 0-6) the children’s mothers are also included in our programs which include:

  • Setting up Early Child Development Centers (ECD) in areas where there are a number of children below 6 years but from vulnerable families / young families to provide early child care and teaching which will build their body, mind and sense of understanding.
  • Provision of ECD learning and teaching equipments for example playing equipments, leveling the space where the children play from, outside and in class labeling with children art work,
  • Provision of healthy and nutritious meals to children to help them grow well when they are healthy and physically strong. We do this from our ECD centers and the beneficiaries are the children enrolled at the centers.
  • Carry out children health checkup and treatment. This is periodically done to children using a qualified children health specialist and with his/her recommendations if any, the organization tries to put it into action so that we have children at our center who are free from any sickness.
  • Prepare and provide attractive education programs to This is done at our centers by our organization professional Early child teachers who take the children through all the curriculum as it is provided by the government and using upto date techniques to teach for example learning through play, art, drama, Body-Mind Coordination Activities, Language Development Activities, etc.
  • Hold workshops related to sustainable issues for the ECD centers and children life. This is done periodically with all the stakeholders i.e Teachers, parents and local authorities aimed at creating paths for the development and sustainability of the ECD program in the community.
  • Continuous Advocacy and Lobbying for the creation of more ECD centers in various areas where we operate so that many targeted children will have a chance to be enrolled and given the care needed as infants and also requesting stakeholders to do their part in the child development.
  • Organize tours and end of year party for the children as a way of exposing them to other developmental activities and creation of a happy moment for them as it boosts their knowledge, participation and collaboration.
  • Community Assessment and Base line Survey: carrying out a quarterly children and parents assessment to evaluate the impact of the program
Sunrise Nur & Pri. School- Nabiyagi before being adopted by TATCO
Star Primary School- Nyanja before being adopted by TATCO
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Apple Junior School Bukerere an ECD Center under TATCO
Star Primary School- Nyanja after being adopted by TATCO

Our partners

Star Primary School- Nyanja

St. Ameria Vocational School

Sunrise Nur & Pri School-Nabiyagi

Mbikko Brass Band & Music center

Creamland Education support Service

Malangha Youth Soccer Project LTD