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Vocational Skills


TATCO Uganda Vocational training skills is one of our organization development provide which looks at training the youths in practical skills areas which include Tailoring, Carpentry and Joinery, Computer (I.C.T), Bakery and Food processing, Music and Drama, Art and Craft work. These training areas were selected by both the organization and some of the youth representative as one of the most enterprising vocational areas and which the beneficiaries and willing and interested to take on to be active in the community and something which can help them earn a living for better leaving standards.

These are some of the activities and projects carried out in the Vocational Skilling program

  1. Setting up and equipping of the vocation centers with tools and materials needed in the vocational training process in the areas of our operation where the selected learners are to take their training from.
  2. Register the trainees on different vocational training courses that are provided by the organization vocation center where the beneficiaries are selected from the community after a series of meeting with the lead youth groups.
  3. Finding and recruiting qualified, experienced and community development like mind tutors or trainers in the different vocational training areas in the centers who help on a voluntary basis but with just a little motivation support/allowances to provide training or learning to the students/youths registered on different vocation courses, give them assessment on both practical and theory and also work with them to manage and accomplish a given practical project.
  4. Organize motivation, career guiding and entrepreneurial workshops to the learners in the vocation centers aimed at making them love the training and help make them think ahead after the training which is an annual basis.
  5. Organize study tours for the students to various community vocational workshops where they also explore more about their areas of training and get motivated and on site observation.
  6. Organize graduation event for the learners who complete their vocational skills training after a year and award them with completion certificates.
  7. Find and give startup business projects to the graduated learners to start working and earning money aimed at making them sustainable and as they progress, they start up their own enterprises in the areas of occupation study obtained
  8. Carry out monitoring and field supervision of the graduated learners while carrying out their duties aimed at keeping in touch with us and also carry out of school tutoring.



In this certificate program, students receive a complete introduction to the computer and the Windows operating system.

They learn several software packages, including Microsoft Word and Excel. Students learn basics of computer maintenance and how to use the Internet.

Finally, students apply their knowledge and skills by creating business letters, advertisements, and identity cards. Upon completion, graduates are prepared to work in secretarial bureaus, offices, or begin their own business.

Art and Craft

This also a 1 year certificate course with students learning the elements of art, principles of design, color theory, and basic drawing.

They will also learn painting, collage, mosaic, ceramics, sculpture, and graphics.

Students will produce several forms of crafts, such as hats, mats, bags, and wall decorations, from local materials like banana fibres, natural dyes, bark cloth, sisal, etc.

Upon completion, graduates are prepared to work as artists in their own capacities. ….and other courses as mentioned above



With the coordination with local and already established music training centres near by our area of scope, we have partnered with them and we take our young musicians for a free training where they get skills in playing musicals instruments, writing and reading music, music composing and production, we train them also in stage performance , MCs and  Deejays

This at the end creates them employment by becoming Club DJs, music producers, band trainers and music composers hence their income levels increased.

Tailoring Class

Computer Training class and ICT Center in Kireka

Music Training

Our partners

Star Primary School- Nyanja

St. Ameria Vocational School

Sunrise Nur & Pri School- Nyanja

Mbikko Brass Band & Music center

Creamland Education support Service

Malangha Youth Soccer Project LTD